More Than A Digital Platform


INVOIX™ is a multifunctional B2B digital platform specialising in invoice finance, which employs our proprietary INVOIX TECHNOLOGY™.

We can customise and integrate our INVOIX digital platform into the client’s IT system to meet all  the needs of a client involved in invoice financing (invoice factoring /receivables securitisation).

INVOIX™ is a powerful digital platform with a series of modules that can be employed to custom build capability. 

  • Risk Module: Realtime Assessment of Required vs Actual Reserves, Anomalies Detection
  • M&R Module: Monitoring and Reporting
  • Eligibility Module: Realtime Assessment of Invoice Eligibility
  • Legal module: Smart Contracts and Notarisation
  • Payment Module: Payment Management
  • C&S module: Clearing and Settlement
  • Collection Module: Collection of Overdue Invoices
  • Grande Module: Parcelisation of Very Large Receivables
  • Account Module:
    • Escrow Account
    • Collection Account
    • Daily Sweeping

INVOIX™ can fit several business models and be deployed in different use cases

INVOIX™ Business Models

INVOIXcan fit different business models
1- Auction model
2- Factoring model
3- Reverse Factoring model
4- Securitisation

INVOIX™ Use Cases

INVOIX™ can be deployed in different Use Cases
1- Peer to Peer Marketplace
Open Trade Platform
GRANDE Platform™
2- Servicing for Factoring Firms and Banks
White Label for invoice factoring
White Label for reverse factoring
3-  Servicing for SME and Large Enterprises
White Label for supply chain finance
White Label for Sub-Servicer (Factoring)
4-  Servicing  for Securitisation Master Servicers
White Label for Master Servicer

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